Godzilla VS. Diver

Here is a painting of Gojira battling a giant diving suit…or is it a small Godzilla vs. a regular sized diving suit? What is inside this old time John Brown rig? Is it human? Is it a squid? I think it is cephalopod of some sorts…I am sure my buddy Phil Cheney would agree…


This is a painting I made originally as an idea for a band record cover that was not used so here it is painted on a piece of wood…Sometimes you do something then later realize what inspired it. Since I was a child, and up to now I have been a big admirer of Edward Gory. His art and dark poetics speak to me on a deeply sub conscience level. The poem “The Insect God” disturbed me and I hadn’t thought of it in years until I looked back at this image and realized I had regurgitated it! My friend Zen Sutherland (a great photo artist) has this in his collection now…

Big Crafty!

Ok folks, here is my 1st official post. Inspired by a stellar day at the Big Crafty showin off my weirdo art and hob-knobbin with my local peeps. Something I don’t usually do as I am a social hermit when I’m not doin said showin off!

The Big Crafty is sponsored by my talented friends and local artists Justin and Brandi Rabuck.  Thanks again for havin me y’all.

top photo by Bill Rhodes