Godzilla VS. Diver

Here is a painting of Gojira battling a giant diving suit…or is it a small Godzilla vs. a regular sized diving suit? What is inside this old time John Brown rig? Is it human? Is it a squid? I think it is cephalopod of some sorts…I am sure my buddy Phil Cheney would agree…

Spider Baby!

Here is my newest linocut print series. Probably one of my favorite b- movies of all time is Jack Hill’s Spider Baby featuring a great cast of old school icons (Lon Chaney Jr. and Mantan Moreland) as well as launching off a new (for the time) group of cult movie personalities (the late Jill Banner, Beverly Washburn and the great Sid Haig). It is a mad tale that foreshadows the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 6 years prior!
This is  a linocut print assemblage- a new technique I am trying out. Gluing the print to a hand colored background. They are a very limited run on my Etsy shop here.