Spider Baby!

Here is my newest linocut print series. Probably one of my favorite b- movies of all time is Jack Hill’s Spider Baby featuring a great cast of old school icons (Lon Chaney Jr. and Mantan Moreland) as well as launching off a new (for the time) group of cult movie personalities (the late Jill Banner, Beverly Washburn and the great Sid Haig). It is a mad tale that foreshadows the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 6 years prior!
This is  a linocut print assemblage- a new technique I am trying out. Gluing the print to a hand colored background. They are a very limited run on my Etsy shop here.





Good Folk Fest!

Last weekend I participated in Good Folk Fest 2012. This was the 2nd time attending and the 1st time as an artist. I attended the last one as a musician…
This is a folk art festival in the heart of my home town of Louisville Kentucky. Scott Scarborro (an incredible artist and musician in his own right) put this on after taking a 3 year hiatus. I was proud to be selling art and playing music in the company of some of my peers and heroes including Phil Cheney, Robert 7, The Laster family, J. Cobb, Chubb and Baby Gramps! Check my links to these faves!

Speaking of faves, here I am with my cousin and fellow awesome print artist McKenzie Humphries