Back Online…kinda

Well alright. Not the best way to start a post but anyway…So I have been using this as a way to get my art “out there”. Someone said to me recently “oh you got to get a facebook account just for publicity”. People say this with the same exasperated tones I hear when my parent/friends tell me I should be having babies. However I am yet to be shown the benefits of children or facebook accounts- both may have their places but by and large they seem to cause distress upon the user/parent and do more harm than good to the world at large! But I digress…
Am I wrong to keep myself in a social media blackout or should I enter the age of enlightenment and start “really selling myself”?
I will stick to the blog and will not promise but will do my best to keep a regular flow of weird art pieces coming at ya so faithful few do not despair! I think I’ve said this before…

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