Beverly Washburn

Rarely as an artist have I had the kind of honor I experienced this week.
I was contacted by a gentleman who had purchased my Beverly Washburn Spider Baby Print on my etsy store to let me know that it was a birthday present for the actor herself!
He sent this pic of her with my print!
Beverly Washburn Birthday!

An hour later Beverly actually contacted me herself to tell me how much she appreciated the art and gave me some cool facts about the film! As a fan of the wonderful Jack Hill black comedy, this was the coolest thing ever…
I hope that fans of genre movies will take time to discover Spider Baby as the gem that it is.
As a linocut artist, I get my subject matter for these particular prints from movie stills.
With this in mind I must also praise the filmmakers for committing these memorable images to celluloid-
Jack Hill directed the film and is well regarded for his many drive-in movie credits including “Foxy Brown” and “The Big Doll House” and is credited as a major influence on Quentin Tarrantino.
Alfred Taylor the cinematographer worked on “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” and “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (in which my friend and fellow artist Harrod Blank stars as a Killer Klown) to name a few and, I just found out, passed away last year.
Rest in peace…
Check out the beautiful Beverly Washburn on her site- She is still kicking some major Hollywood ass!
Once again, dear readers, I must say that this has been a high point in my 
career. I essentially make art for myself and when I get this kind of praise, it helps through the inevitable dark and doubting times that I as an artist sometimes face.
Happy birthday and thank you Beverly!

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