New Year!

New possibilities…we must be active and activate to manifest the world we want to live in. No one I know is more active in manifesting this world than my partner Ami…check out the incredible events and opportunities for a more inclusive life that Ami highlights in her blog!


Maxx Krekel Mashup!

I was super fortunate to be asked by one of my favorite Asheville artists Maxx Feist to participate in a mashup show in Asheville. Maxx gave me some guidelines (Halloween and Air as subject matter) and had me start a piece. Knowing Maxx’s particular style I went all out and created an interpretation of the Celtic Goddess Cailliach through paint and printing media and handed it off…Maxx added the “patriarchal” Skull King and this is what came out…
The piece is in an exhibit at Satellite Gallery in Asheville through the remainder of the month and I am so humbled to be a part of it!

Clair de Lune

I was commissioned with artist Phil Cheney to design, build and paint a beach sign for my friend’s house on Edisto Island- a place I hold dear!  My thoughts and well wishes go to the denizens of this special island as they piece their lives back together after last week’s Hurricane…


Here is a piece I did for an art collaboration with local painter Maxx Feist. One of my favorites by the way and frequent group show instigator! The theme was “air” as pertains to Samhain (Halloween for most people) and I chose the Celtic legend Cailleach- Crone of the wind! Here is my contribution to be added to later by Maxx…The show opens at Satellite Gallery here in Asheville on October 7 and I will revisit this with the revised image as the show gets closer!